© Lorem ipsum dolor 2010 Jennifer Englehardt Her First Adventure “An Unexpected Change in Plans…”             “But I’m not Theran,” he retorted as he wriggled out of my arms and then staggered  backwards. “I’m Keeran, with a “K.”      Oops! I’d heard that for every witch in the world, there was at least one witch that could be his or her twin. It seemed I had bumped into a guy who could be Theran’s twin. I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t look Keeran with  a “K” in the face, nevertheless apologize to him.      “And I do have a girlfriend,” he continued stiffly, “but her name is Esta, not Sophie. And I’m not a “gorgeous ambitious witch.” I’m not a witch of any kind.”      “D… did you just say that y… you’re not a witch?” I choked out, that fact shaking me more than the revelation that he was not my boyfriend.        Because that was impossible.        Everyone on Volshidren is a witch...   A lethal relative, bullying royals and the deaths of two people close to her are just a few of the things that teenage Volshidrenite (witch) Sophia Courzen comes face to face with in the first saga of this brand new supernatural series. Join Sophie, as she embarks on the most dangerous, magic-filled and rewarding adventure of her life!      Type of Free Software Needed (Just click on the icon below)  Type of File Kindle Edition Where to Buy      Price Amazon               $2.99             Details to buy my book Lulu Paperback N/A   $21.52